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Use of plants as unflagging source for healing and care for human health has a long tradition in these region as Macedonia is exceptionally rich in plants of high-quality as well as medicinal plants. Herbal pharmacy continues this tradition through wide range of teas, tending to introduce its patients with all novelties thereof. It is important to indicate that patients’ interest in using plants i.e. teas for their health is not reduced in spite of the development and power of pharmaceutical - chemical industry that each year produces larger number of new medications with known chemical composition and constant physiologic effect. Thousands expert hands cannot synthesize in most modern laboratories in the world what a single vegetative cell can create in nature.

Teas available in Herbal Pharmacy, whether monolithic or combined, are in their original form, effective with all active ingredients within their composition, made of plants whose healing properties have been acknowledged by modern medicine. The advantage of our teas is that they originate from this region, natural eco-system and carry along the quality of sunshine, soil and humidity. They are unsurpassed and unique in their quality precisely because of that, whereas simple to use at home, do not cause undesirable effects and are still the best known, the cheapest, easy-to-access medicinal raw materials. There is plenty of evidence on their contribution in health care. Teas contain polyphenols, pigments and essential oils that reduce the harmful effect of peroxides in the organism. There is a popular saying that they are “hunters” of free radicals. They provide organism with necessary microelements, minerals, needed quantities of water that easily penetrates intercellular area, efficiently cleaning the organism from accumulated toxins at the same time. That information refers to everyone, but to children and elderly in particular, as they have greater need for these substances. Tea is most frequently associated with warm exhilarating drink, health, relaxation or natural stimulation because when consumed at night it is relaxing and soothing after a hard working day, facilitates digestion and provides better and more peaceful sleep, whereas in the morning tea awakens and refreshes the spirit and thought, incites creativity and spurs the will. Therefore, everyone should have at least dozen medicinal herbs or teas amongst home remedies, such as chamomile, wild thyme, nettle, common elder, primrose, st. john’s wort, basil, yarrow that can be available anytime to resolve simple health issues.

Patients, whose interest on natural treatment increases, can receive in our Herbal pharmacy completely assorted teas, as well as thorough expert information on their use. Numerous teas and excipients with ideal composition can be found in the herbal pharmacy constituting one of the widest ranges, acknowledged by medical practice through their 30-year long tradition as basis for medical treatment. Herbal pharmacy staff is always ready and willing to suggest combinations from several teas or single-component herbs as well as finished products for specified indication and disease as well as to explain the method of tea preparation and use. Visitors at the herbal pharmacy frequently, upon their own request, receive information on collection of medicinal plants, conditions and method of drying, as well as information for home-made creams, poultice or other products made of herbs. Due to the aforementioned, the herbal pharmacy is not only sales but consultancy centre as well, the only one of its kind in Macedonia.