Juniper Tree

(Juniperus communis, fam. Cupressaceae)

The Juniper tree is an evergreen bush or shrub. At the beginning, the leaves are green, while in the second year – once they ripe – they turn dark-blue, partly covered by grayish wax layer. They have a specific scent, similar to turpentine, and an aromatic bitter taste.

They contain ethereal oil, inverted sugar, flavonoids, pectins, wax, bitter glycoside, juniperoside, and organic acids.


In our country, it is one of the most known and frequently used medicinal herbs. It is used as a diuretic in form of tea, individually or in a combination with urination teas (Species diureticae), along with rest harrow root, rupture wort, and hip.

It is used for inhalation in cases of respiratory diseases, asthma, and cough.