Medical disinfection hand gel

50 ml and 400 ml

For years now, ethyl alcohol was used as an efficient antiseptic product within healthcare in order to prevent the spreading of pathogen microorganisms. That is the source of inspiration for the “Medical” hand disinfection gel, where the active component is ethyl alcohol.

Medical gel contains an optimally adjusted concentration of alcohol that destroys 99.9 % (some bacteria spores are an exception) of the bacteria that grow on hands, and that are the most common causes for gastrointestinal and respiratory infections.

Medical gel is suitable as an additional hand hygiene product (hand antiseptic) or as an alternative for washing hands, in conditions where soap and water are inaccessible. Medical gel is available as – a tube, 50 ml and a pump bottle, 400 ml.

It is enough to put a small quantity of the gel on the hands, to gently apply it and leave it to dry. The disinfecting effect starts 30 seconds after application. Medical gel is enriched with emollients and has a pleasant aloe vera smell, and may be used several times daily. It leaves the skin soft, fine and refreshed. Medical gel is suitable for use in: hospitals, medical offices, schools, kindergartens, restaurants, offices and public toilets.

To prevent infections, it is recommended to have Medical gel handy:

  • When using a toilet, especially a public toilet
  • Before touching food
  • After sneezing, coughing and blowing your nose

Many statistics have shown that people that use an alcohol based hand disinfection gel for additional hand hygiene are 59 % less prone to getting a gastrointestinal or respiratory infection.

Advertisement: Protect YOURSELF and YOUR FAMILY, use Medical gel:

  • Created for immediate hand disinfection, without the use of water and soap;
  • Destroys 99,9 % of the bacteria which are the cause of gastrointestinal and respiratory infections;
  • Effective in 30 seconds after application;
  • special formula with emollients and aloe vera fragrance, for soft, fine and refreshed skin.