Common Hop

(Humulus lupulus, fam. Cannabinaceae)

The drug consists of the glands of the female flowers of this plant – common hop. They are gathered in grain-like bouquets, resembling pinecones. Small glands with ethereal oil are located on the inner surface of the shells. The active substances of the lupulin are situated in the oleoresin of the gland fibers.

The ethereal oil contains myrcien, humulin, and linalool.


It is used as a tranquilizer, hypnotic, stomachic, and bactericide. The ethereal oil contained in the lupulin, i.e. in the pinecones, is responsible for the soothing and hypnotic effect.

The female flowers are used in the form of warm tea – infuse, against tension of nerves and insomnia. This infuse is also used as an aromatic and stomachic, due to the presence of bitter substances.