(Urtica dioica, fam. Urticaceae)

The nettle has medical features, starting with the root, through the trunk and leaves, and ending with the flowers.

The nettle root, prepared as tea, is used against hair loss, strengthening at the same time the hair root.

After regular washing and massaging the scalp with this tea, success is visible; the hair is dandruff-free, wavy, thick and smooth, with a nice shine.


This tea also helps with blood circulation disorders and in case of tightening of heart blood vessels. In the latter case, the treatment makes use of the Nettle root to avoid any additional generation of red blood cells and strengthening of erythrocytosis, which occurs as a result of a lack of oxygen.

The tea made of roots of this plant also helps in cases of gout and rheumatic diseases, and its diuretic effects are also known.