Wall Germander

(Teucrium chamaedrys, fam. Labiatae)

Perennial cabbage-like herb, with reddish or pinkish flowers, gathers in the bosom of the leaves. It blooms May through September, and its branches are collected together with flowers and leaves (teucrii herba et folium).

It contains ethereal oil, tannins, cholin, heterosides, and saponoside – marubine. In our regions, it is one of the most favored and most frequently used herbs.


Its tonic effects are known, and therefore it is justified to use it in treating diseases of the digestion organs.

Being an aromatic, bitter and styptic remedy, it is used in the treatment of illnesses of the gall-bladder, liver, intensified vaginal discharge, and hemorrhoids.

More recently, it has been used as an efficient means for reducing increased sugar levels in the blood, as well as a medicine against weakness of the organism, anemia, etc.