Becutan instant ‘good night’ tea with sweet fennel, chamomile and lemon balm

200g, 20 Х 5 g

This blend, prepared from specially selected herbs with confirmed quality contains sweet fennel, chamomile and lemon balm leaves. In addition to relieving stomach cramps, the instant ‘good night’ tea helps with better sleep.

Sweet fennel and chamomile have carminative and spasmolytic properties. They stimulate the excretion of gastric juice and enhance peristalsis, thus improving food digestion (it is better decomposed and resorbed). They also help release gases from the digestive system, which reduces intestine bloating and soothes the cramps. Chamomile flowers, due to the ingredients in their essential oil, also exhibit anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect. Chamomile is known to help relieve cough discharge, but it also has a beneficial effect on states of insomnia and anxiety. The lemon balm leaves help relieve indigestion and have a calming effect, which enhances sleep.

This product does not contain:

  • sucrose;
  • artificial colours;
  • flavours;
  • preservatives;
  • milk protein or
  • gluten.

Available in 200 g packaging, in a container with a practical opening mechanism and also in a 20-bag packaging with adjusted dosage of 5 g to further simplify the use.