Black up


When the first rays of sun and the hot weather arrive, almost everyone wishes to have beautiful, healthy and tanned skin.

The sun is recommended as therapy for many conditions (osteoporosis, rheumatism, etc.). It brings about a positive mood, strengthens the body’s immunity system, while children need it as an important source of vitamin D.

Naturally, excessive exposure to the sun is a great health risk, it affects the skin tissue’s elastin fibres and in this way damages the skin and promotes premature aging.

The “BLACK UP” product collection provides sun protection and nurtures the skin. The combination of UVA and UVB filters prevents burns and wrinkles and premature skin aging, while the moisturising components and D-panthenol help give the skin a beautiful bronze tan and preserve its softness and elasticity.


  • Start using the products with the highest protection factor and then gradually move on to the lower protection factors.
  • The sun protection product should always be applied at least 30 minutes before exposing the skin to the sun.
  • After sunbathing, use the after-sun milk.
  • If you desire a beautiful tan, follow these instructions.