YOUNG DERM tea tree oil cream for thorough treatment of acne 50 ml


The cream provides thorough treatment of acne due to the presence of tea tree oil.This product is also enriched with natural, eco-certified chamomile and mango extracts.

  • Tea tree oil dries acnes, removing excess fat and disinfecting. The oil has powerful anti bacterial effect – kills harmful bacteria present in the skin, particularly the Propionibacterium acnes bacteria, the main acne creation agent. Regular use of the cream can reduce acne formation and skin lesion occurrence.
  • The extract of chamomile and bisabolole (active component of chamomile oil) has anti inflammatory effect on the skin, i.e. soothes redness and prevents further irritation.
  • The mango extract has astringent effect - it narrows skin pores and helps soothe acne lesions. It also has antioxidant effect - neutralizes harmful free radicals in the skin. It improves microcirculation of the skin and exchange of nutrients within skin cells, making the skin soothe, soft and elastic.

The combination of active components ensures long-term acne treatment and skincare.

Instructions for use: apply the cream on problematic parts at night, after thorough skin cleansing with YOUNG DERM lotion.