White Mistletoe

(Viscum album, fam. Loranthaceae)

The white mistletoe has the form of round off-springs on the host plants, such as deciduous trees, fir trees, and pines.

The evergreen leaves are leathery and shiny, whereas its fruits, whose interior is slimy and sticky, are whitish and transparent.


As the mistletoe has positive effect on the glands function, it is also an excellent remedy for stimulating metabolism. At the same time, it has the effect on pancreas and, through regular use of this tea diabetes-suffering patients end up with reduced level of sugar in the blood.

Patients suffering from chronic metabolism illness ought to drink at least two cups of mistletoe tea – in the morning and in the evening – over a six-month’s period.

The mistletoe is an excellent heart and blood circulation medicine, especially in cases of more serious blood circulation disorders.

Under the influence of active substances that help normalize the metabolism in the entire organism, the high blood pressure comes down, and the low one rises. Thus, the nervous heart is properly calmed and its work improved.

All symptoms of unregulated blood pressure, such as sudden inflow of blood into the head, losing conscience, buzzing in the ears, and sight distortions, may be eliminated by using mistletoe.

Women should also drink mistletoe tea, especially those in menopause period as well as women having circulation problems, feeling accelerated heart beat, sudden hot flashes, heavy breathing, distortion of the menstrual cycle, etc.