Becutan oil with lavender


Following the trend of application of natural components, as well as the tradition based on the pharmaceutical knowledge and experience, a new formulation of the Becutan portfolio was developed – the Becutan oil with lavender, dedicated to care and protect the baby’s and children’s skin.

The formulation is enriched with natural lavender oil originating from the Croatian island of Hvar, which is traditionally renowned for the cultivation and production of one of the best-quality lavender oil, proven by its beneficial effect and unique fragrance. The Becutan lavender oil does not contain any perfumes, and its unique fragrance is a result of the combination of aromatic components yielding the recognizable lavender scent.

Becutan lavender oil is ideal for care and protection of the baby’s skin, but also for everyday massage which is of considerable importance for the overall development of the baby. The touch is the only sense already developed in the baby upon birth, and the regular massage both relaxes the baby and incites the digestive system, influences the development of orientation and movements, while also increasing immunity as the presence of the parents and the warm and tender touching are irreplaceable in the ritual of everyday care and healthy development of the baby.

The relaxing massage and the lavender fragrance will, with their beneficial and soothing effect, contribute to the baby’s peaceful sleep after the evening bath and, after the massage, the baby’s skin remains soft, tender and with the pleasant fragrancy which retains its soothing effect during sleep.

Does not contain parabens, alcohol, colors or scents.