Polenta’s history dates back from 1700s when it was popular in Italy. It was considered a village meal as it was abundant at a low cost.

For American Indians the word corn means the thing that keeps you alive. It comes right after wheat and rice as one of the most important crops in the world.

Polenta contains almost no fat and low quantities of simple sugars and sodium, which makes it a good base for a healthy meal. When preparing a meal, choose carefully other ingredients as well. As it is one of the best products to provide the body with long-term energy, it is always a good idea to mix polenta with vegetable.

Polenta is also an easy-to-prepare meal, convenient for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and it can be served hot or cold, soft or hard.

Irresistible polenta combinations and recipes can be made with little imagination and use of spices such as: black pepper, caraway, dried carrot, basil, ZACHINAL, etc.

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Wheat semolina is an excellent source of long-term energy which contains no fats, simple sugars and sodium but has certain amount of B-group vitamins.

Semolina, recognized as children’s food that even adults cannot resist, is easy to prepare and delicious in a variety of combinations with spices such as cinnamon, poppy seed, etc.

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