Becutan insect repellent


Becutan insect repellent contains an active component that deters insects, i.e. prevents them from approaching human skin, thus preventing any bites.

Protection against insect bites lasts longer, 4-6 hours. The product also contains an aloe vera extract, certified with ECOCERT-standard for natural and organic cosmetics, which guarantees that the plant has been grown in controlled conditions and assures the final effect of this ingredient. The aloe vera extract provides moisture and softness of the skin, leaving it tender and soft.

Spray evenly the exposed parts of the skin with Becutan insect repellent spray, avoiding the area around the eyes and the mouth. If necessary, repeat the procedure approximately after 4-6 hours. The spray does not leave greasy stains on clothes.

Before use please read the warnings and precautions listed on the back label.