Goat’s Rue

(Galega officinalis, fam. Papilionaceae)

It is a perennial cabbage-like plant with a straight trunk, with horizontal incisions. The leaves are divided in the form of feathers and are long, while the flowers are blue-whitish, gathered in thick bouquets. The ends of branches, together with flowers and seeds are used as active part of the plant.

It contains alkaloid – galegin, heteroside – galuteoside, saponins, tannins, bitter substances. The leaves contain vitamin C.


The presence of guanidine derivatives (galegin) explains the use of goat’s rue in treating diabetes. It is categorized as an anti-diabetic tea, but it has to be noted that it must not be used to that purpose without medical supervision.

A teaspoon of dried goat’s rue is steeped into 250 ml of hot water and this quantity is sufficient for a day; it is consumed by sipping several times before each meal.

This herb facilitates urination, increases sweating, and stimulates the release of milk.