Winter tea

This tea is a blend of herbs such as elderberry flowers, linden, thyme, liquorice and aniseed. The herbs have antiseptic properties, promote perspiration, alleviate cough and have a beneficial effect on the body. The special ingredient is linden which promotes perspiration and in this way lowers the body temperature, which is usually a symptom that accompanies colds. On the other hand, elderberries, liquorice and aniseed alleviate cough, and if there is no mucous discharge, they will help soothe cough. Thyme has disinfecting properties and acts as a powerful antiseptic for the entire body.

The “Tea against colds” is recommended as a preventive measure during periods when colds are common. When curing a cold, it should be consumed in greater quantities. The taste is exceptional and mild and has a pleasant and mild energising effect.

Please, be sure to read the instructions on the package. For further information consult your physician or pharmacist.

Available in packages of: filter bags, 20 х 1,5 g.