Young derm

Oily skin is susceptible to creation of zits and acnes. The process of their creation begins inside the skin pores. Sebaceous glands produce a substance called sebum which is retained on the skin surface. Most frequently the sebum penetrates through pores going to the skin surface. At times, however, physiological processes shift, disrupting the mechanism of removing dead cells placed in hair follicle. Instead of being removed together with the fat, they stay on the pore along with large amount of sebum, forming together a layer inside the pore. This continuous process of layering creates the so-called lesions (zits and acnes). Therefore, products offering both intensive skincare and acne prevention should be selected for this type of skin.

In the formulation of this collection, great amount of attention was paid to the selection of all substances, particularly the active components and range of odors containing no allergens.

All products in the collection have been dermatologically tested.

The collection consists of: facial cleansing lotion, cream for intensive care of oily and problematic skin, cream for deep treatment of acne, two nuances make up foundation no. 5 and 6 and body milk.