Drinking tea reflects a lifestyle with passion for experimenting with various aromas and tastes. This noble tradition is creatively interpreted in the new Good Nature green and black teas designed by Alkaloid A.D.

"Tea”, without any additional mark or designation of the country of origin (Chinese, Russian, Indian, Ceylon, etc.), means the leaves and leaf buds of the shrub Thea sinensis, i.e. Camellia sinesis. Only a few know that green and black teas are leaves of the same plant, Camellia sinensis, they are just processed differently.

The freshly picked leaves are first left to wither, and then they are processed, i.e. rolled and eventually crushed. The juice that is released from the cells, binds to the air oxygen and this process is called fermentation. During this process, essential oils are released, which is of great importance for the tea itself. This is how black tea is made.

Unlike black tea, green tea is unfermented. Shortly after harvesting, the leaves are processed with water steam, which prevents fermentation so the leaves preserve their green colour. Green tea, thanks to this processing method, preserves a great deal of the active ingredients and, compared to black tea, has more powerful properties.