Bath foam for children with oat extract and D-panthenol


The new Becutan Bath foam with oat extract is an exceptionally mild formulation aimed for daily hygiene and skin care ever since the first day after birth.

Because of the vital protective role the skin has over the whole body, the new Becutan bath foam has in its composition the natural ingredient that the protective layer of the newborns contains - Glyceryl oleat.

The eco-certified oat extract has a potent anti-inflammatory effect, D-panthenol regulates skin moisture and helps improve its protective function, making it soft and supple.

Why oat extract?

Oat extract is a rich source of natural ingredients belonging to the group of compounds characterized by their properties to eliminate the free radicals effect and by their powerful anti-inflammatory action, which contribute to protecting the skin against irritation.

It is recommended for daily use in adults with sensitive skin susceptible to irritation

  • Soap free
  • Alcohol free
  • Colour free
  • Paraben free