(Urtica dioica, fam. Urticaceae)

The nettle seed is our best medicine for blood cleansing, and its regular use helps increase the number of red blood cells.

As it has positive effect on the function of pancreas, it reduces the level of sugar in blood, when prepared with yoghurt or fermented milk (1 glass with one teaspoon of seed). Prepared in the same way, it also acts to help significantly reduce triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood.

The nettle seed, prepared with honey (100 grams of seed are mixed with 1 kg of honey), is warmly recommended to young exhausted persons, pregnant women, and the elderly with low quantity of iron, which leads to fatigue and exhaustion.

Following a short-lasting therapy with this natural drug, patients feel much better and their energy and strength is restored. They are widely used for spring detoxification of the organism, as it cleanses the intestines.