Powdered salep


A few words on salep. . . Salep is a herb from the species Orchis sp. The part used is the root. The healthy, juicy and developed roots are dug out when the herb is in blossom and then the gathered roots are washed in cold water, kept several minutes in warm water to deactivate the enzymes, and then they are dried in the sun. Do to the huge quantity of mucilage, a thick viscose fluid is prepared from the root, commonly known as salep.

Salep is recommended for throat and upper respiratory tract irritations because it covers the irritated mucous tissue with a thin layer and stops the cough.


A teaspoon of salep powder is mixed in a bit of cold water and added to half a litre boiling water or milk. It is boiled for 5 minutes with continuous stirring. Then, you may add some sugar, if desired.

The prepared hot drink is nice with some cinnamon on top.

A true delight in cold winter days!!!