Couch Grass

(Triticum repens (argropyron repens), fam. Gramineae)

Couch grass is a tough weed that grows in damp places. Its rhizome is very long, vital and elastic, with a hay-like yellowish color.

It contains polysaccharide – triticeae, which yields fructose after hydrolysis. The rhizome also contains saponins, mucilage, rubber, inositol, heterosides, which – in hydrolysis – produce vanillin, essentiall oil, silicates, potassium, and calcium.


The couch grass is a mild diuretic (it is supposed that saponins and potassium salt cause diuresis).

In combination with other teas, it is used in cases of arthritis and, together with peach crust, chamomile, and anise, it is an efficient means against constipation.