Becutan instant sweet fennel and chamomile flower tea

200g, 20 Х 5 g

The sweet fennel and chamomile flower tea is prepared from specially selected herbs of confirmed quality. Irresistibly sweet and tasty beverage for our most beloved.

Sweet fennel and chamomile have carminative and spasmolytic effect. They stimulate secretion of digestive fluids and improve peristalsis, thus allowing for better digestion of food (more easily digested and absorbed). They also help relieve digestion system gases, reduce stomach bloating, and soothe cramps. Due to the components chamomile flowers contain in essential oils, they also provide anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial effect. Chamomile is also known to have expectorant properties as well as therapeutic effect on insomnia and anxiety.

The product does not contain:

  • artificial colours,
  • flavours,
  • preservatives,
  • milk proteins and
  • gluten.

Available in a 200g packaging in a container with practical opening and also in a 20-bag packaging with adapted dosage of 5g, to further simplify the use.