(Artemisia absinthium, fam. Compositae)

Wormwood is one of the oldest, the most reputable and the most used plants. The ancient word is derived from the word artemis meaning healthy, indicating that all plants of this type are medicinal.

Wormwood is perennial branched plant, covered with soft silky fibers giving it silver-greenish appearance. Bitter substances such as: absinthe, artabsin and anabsintin, can be singled out from its rich chemical composition as well as essential oil, flavonoids, etc.

Wormwood is typically bitter aromatic remedy.

It is usually consumed in a form of tea, alone or combined with other bitter teas in order to provoke appetite (aperitif, tonic), improve digestion, against stomach disease (digestive, stomachic) and alleviate intestinal gases (carminative).

It is also used to regulate menstrual periods, against diabetes, to strengthen the organism, against fever, etc.