Birch European White

(Betula pendula, fam. Betulaceae)

Birch is beautiful, impressive tree with white crust and writhing, downward-bending branches. Leaves are triangular-oval or rhomboid, pointed at the top and irregularly toothed with leafy pedicel. Young undeveloped leaves have delicate fibers and secrete a sticky waste, whereas older leaves are bear and shiny, with specific smell and bitter, austere taste.

Dry leaves contain flavonoids, mostly hyperoside, around 3% saponosides with aglycone betulinol, 5-8% catechin tannins, resinous substances, essential oil, sugars and mineral salts.

The tea has diuretic effect due to saponosides, flavonoids and essential oils. Its effect is also diaphoretic – causing sweating, antirheumatic, antiuretic and reduces cholesterolemia.

Birch leaf is one of the best herb teas used as antiseptics for urology pathways due to its antibacterial effect.

Regular use of this tea, prepared as infuse significantly improves urination, so that urine amount can be increased several times above the average.

Due to the presence of phenol compounds in its composition, it has antiseptic effect to urinary pathways, reduces the amount of protein in urine (albuminuria), swellings of any cause disappear and kidney tissue is not irritated.

Increased diuresis provides protection of organism by hyperaccumulation of liquids and toxic substances.