Wild Thyme

(Thymus serpyllum, fam. Labiateae)

Wild Thyme is a healing, spice, aromatic, and honey-giving plant. The medicinal ingredients are located in the flowers and leaves only.


The antiseptic features of wild thyme are used in scientific medicine and – in cases of infectious conditions – a warm tea made of this herb is recommended, as it prevents the occurrence of many pathogenic bacteria, even destroying some of them.

Due to the presence of essential oil rich in thymol, it has anthelmintic effects and is, consequently, consumed against intestinal parasites.

The tea made of this herb is a proven medicine against diseases of the respiratory tracts, excessive mucilage in the bronchia and against bronchial asthma, inflammation of the lungs, chronic bronchitis.

After a long-time use of wild thyme tea – a cup in the morning instead of coffee – its healing effects are felt quickly, demonstrated by spiritual freshness, pleasant feeling in the stomach (this tea improves the food digestion and has positive impact on the stomach mucous membrane), absence of morning cough and, in general, improved conditions of the organism.

Agitated and depressed people, after using this tea over a period of time, will feel considerable improvement of their condition.