The efficacy of St John’s wort as a medicinal herb is well supported by the data which prove that its medicinal properties had been known even in times before the Common Era, with the evidence of its use in the traditional Greek medicine, originally documented by Hippocrates. Ever since then, St John’s wort has been used continuously, holding a significant place in the traditional medicine for treatment of various neurological conditions, gastrointestinal disorders, skin disease and damage.

St John’s wort oil Alkaloid is an extract of the above-ground part of fresh St John’s wort in olive oil. In addition to its most common use as an antidepressant, St John’s wort has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, astringent and antiulcer effect. Due to these properties, St John’s wort reduces tissue inflammation, enhances the regenerative potential of the tissue and leads to its faster reepithelialization.

St John’s wort oil Alkaloid has a beneficial effect on the following conditions: burns, cuts and other wounds (external use), skin inflammatory processes (external use), dyspeptic disorders in gastrointestinal tract, ulcerous conditions of the stomach and the duodenum (internal use), menopausal symptoms (internal use).

Recommended daily dose and method of administration

Always use St John’s Wort Oil Alkaloid exactly as prescribed by your physician. If you are not sure how to use it, consult your physician or pharmacist.

Internal use: One spoonful before meal, 3 times a day.
External use: Use the drop dispenser to apply a thin layer of St John’s wort oil on the affected areas of the skin (infections, closed wounds, burns, cuts, decubitus) 2 to 3 times a day.
St John’s wort oil must not be applied on open wounds.

The product is available in packaging of 30ml and 50ml.