500ml, 1000ml

The “Sattwa” anti-cellulite balm combines knowledge from science, nature and technology.

It is a high-quality formulation with active substances that directly eliminate the factors that cause cellulite: Poor circulation and poor liquid and fat drainage.

The product contains the following active materials:

  • Benzyl nicotinat – when applied, it has a local rubefacient and warming effect. At the same time, it dilates the blood vessels and increases the circulation, while increasing the supplies of nutrients and oxygen in the fatty tissue.
  • Ivy extract – contains saponins and bioflavonoids. The saponins increase the permeability of the cell walls, while the bioflavonoids increase the blood circulation and the elasticity of the fatty tissue. This increases the supply of nutrients and oxygen, as well as the drainage of unnecessary, retained fats and fluids.
  • Caffeine – contains purinic bases with an accentuated diuretic effect. They increase the fat and water drainage from the body and help the decomposing of the non-degradable type of fat in the cells.

These active substances are integrated in a non-fat base with a high water content. Due to this, the balm integrates more easily into the tissues and the cells. This hydrophilic formulation does not grease the clothing.

With regular and consistent use, the so called “dimples" on the skin diminish, the “orange peel skin” disappears, and the skin becomes healthy, firm, fine and elastic.

How to use the “Sattwa” balm:
Apply the balm in the evening, after a shower, by gently rubbing it into the skin. You don't have to use special pants or apply wraps.

The “Sattwa” anti-cellulite balm works even without exercise. The packaging is specially adjusted to the product type and is suitable for easier dosage. One thing is certain: Cellulite cannot disappear only with regulated nutrition and exercises, it is necessary to use a quality, cosmetic product.

The “Sattwa” anti-cellulite balm is a high-quality product in the full sense of the word and its effect on cellulite removal is direct and efficient.

Proof of its effectiveness is the slight heat, burning sensation and redness that you will feel after rubbing the balm into the skin. This is an expected effect resulting from the intensive effectiveness of the active substances, components of this product.