Alder Buckthorn

(Rhamnus frangula, fam. Rhamnaceae)

Crusts are sold in the form of straws or semi-straws, grey-brownish and with horizontal lenticels on the outside, and gently fretted with yellowish lines on the inside. When chewed, it will color the saliva in yellow.

Cortices used in pharmacy contain active antraglycoside, glycofranguline, flavonoids, tannins, mineral salts, and glycides.


It acts as a laxative, whether given as decoct or as an extract, and is recommended in cases of chronic constipation. Together with wall germander, lemon balm, and mint, it soothes colic of the gall-bladder.

It is also given in cases of irregular menstruation, as well as to soothe pain in the cordial area, resulting from gases in the stomach or bowels.