The ALKALOID tea assortment cary the logo GOOD NATURE. It tells us where the plants used for preparing the tea mixtures originate from. And where could it be other than the wonderful, virgin nature? The tea manufacturing of Alkaloid AD meets the quality standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:1996 for environment, and the HACCP standard for safe food production. The certification is carried out by the internationally recognized certification body Quality Austria, ÖQS.

ALKALOID AD is the only producer of certified organic tea in Macedonia. The symbol for organic products and quality is obtained by certification of the three segments: products, processing and regions where the plant raw material is picked up. The plants used as raw material are organic, grown up without any fertilizers, pesticides, additives or conservation agents used and are not radiated. The Certificate is issued by Control Union Certifications for the methods of environmental processing compliant to the EU regulations EEC No. 2092/91, USDA-NOP (United States Department of Agriculture - National Organic Program) and JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standards).

The teas and the adjuvant medicinal agents of Alkaloid AD are strictly controlled products, registered in the Ministry of Health of Republic of Macedonia i.e. they have Certificates for health compliance issued by the State Institute for Health Protection.