(Equisetum arvense, fam. Equisetaceae)

Horsetail is sturdy, resistant weed that grows in damp places. The plant is 20-40 cm tall, whose appearance resembles that of a pine or fir tree. Needle-like long leaves are lined in several articulations around the pedicel. Pedicel is writhing and hollow.

Saponins – equisetin that is water soluble can be singled out from the chemical composition as the most important, as well as aconite, cider vinegar and oxalic acid; resin, tannins, flavonoid heterosides; vitamin C; carotenoids and bitter substances.


The drug is known diuretic, irreplaceable and invaluable when it comes to bleeding, inflammations, kidney stones and any urological tract dysfunction.

It is categorized in composition of various diuretic teas, most frequently with birch, sage, bearberry and corn silk.

It is also used for treatment of arteriosclerosis and hypertonia, chronic kidney hypertonia, treatment of gout and podagra, leukorrhea (increased vaginal discharge), better digestion and relieves gases (combined with wild thyme, mint and anise).