YOUNG DERM lotion for cleansing of oily and problematic skin 150 ml


Young Derm lotion provides thorough cleansing and nourishment of young and problematic skin throughout the day. Thoroughly cleans facial pores from impurity, one of the acne causing agents.

  • The combination of surface active substances provides mild cleansing of the skin, which is afterwards ready for further treatment with Young Derm collection products.
  • Enriched with aloe vera extract, which helps soothe redness, thus improving healthy appearance of the skin. Aloe vera plant, which provides the extract, is grown in controlled conditions and is therefore certified with ECOCERT – natural and organic cosmetics standard.
  • Milky acid is known for its hydration properties and mild skin peeling effect. It removes dead cells from the skin without irritating it, thus reducing the possibility for new acne formation.