Rest Harrow

(Ononis spinosa, fam. Leguminosae)

This is a perennial plant, cabbage-like, semi-bushy, with a strong and tough root. On the outside, it is incised and cracked up, with a grey-brown color, and yellowish on the inside.

As teas, it comes in the form of pieces of various size, with no aroma or taste, and is initially sweet, and then bitter and spicy.

The drug contains flavonoids, of which the isoflavonoid – ononis – is the most important, as well as triterpene saponin – onocerin, resins, little essential oil, tannins, starch, etc.


The diuretic effect of the tea - when prepared in the form of a decoct - is due exactly to the flavonoids and essential oil.

It may be used as single-ingredient tea or added to mixed diuretic teas (Species diureticae) and does not irritate the kidneys.