YOUNG DERM body milk for normal to dry skin 200 ml


YOUNG DERM body milk provides intensive care, long-term hydration and protection of normal to dry skin.

This product contains combination of emollients (softeners) and active substances that quickly rehydrate the skin, balance its moisture, leaving it tender, soft, and of nourished appearance. The formula is enriched with eco-certified mango extract.

  • The mango extract has antioxidant effect - it neutralizes harmful free radicals in the skin. It improves microcirculation of the skin and exchange of nutrients within skin cells, making it soothe, soft and elastic.
  • D-panthenol quickly penetrates the skin and improves its hydration. It has anti-inflammatory effect, does not allow irritations and improves physiological epithelization of the skin as well.
  • Alantoin helps hydration, leaving the skin soft, tender and silky. It also protects against irritations and improves natural regeneration of the skin.