Sattwa make-up remover wet wipes

25 wet wipes

To keep the skin soft and fresh throughout the day, we should care for its natural moisture while cleansing and removing the make-up. Sattwa make-up remover wet wipes easily remove the make-up and the environmental dirt from the skin, supporting its natural moisture.

Sattwa wet wipes do not contain alcohol and they are enriched with D-panthenol and vitamin E. The combination of incorporated active ingredients in the lotion, D-panthenol and vitamin E ensure ideal skin nourishment and hydration.

D-panthenol regulates moisture on the surface of the skin and does not allow it to dry, thus ensuring optimal hydration. As an antioxidant, vitamin E binds the tissue damaging free radicals and protects against their further formation.

The skin is thoroughly cleansed from dirt and make-up, even from waterproof mascara.

Sattwa wet wipes are dermatologically tested by a relevant EU institution.